Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Basic Time

A blast from the past! What? Yes, the little things really can just make your day in a big way.

Recently I was going through some boxes in storage with my kiddo, looking for a couple of items I needed. And Junior just happened to stumble across something I forgot about. As a matter of fact I thought I'd lost it years ago. He came across my old pocket watch!

So when I was younger, I'd eat watches up. Washer, smashed in a bicycle wreck, lost. You name it, I probably used it to destroy a watch. So in 1993 I saw this pocket watch I just had to have. So I got it. I took a beating and kept on ticking. Pun intended. It was so good that it became my every day carry watch, until I went to military school. I kept it in my pocket sans chain. But not having the chain just felt wrong, and the bulge in my pocket just didn't seem proper with my uniform. Moving forward I wore a wrist watch like everyone else.

Now I've tried many a watch. And some are very handy for certain things. For instance my Suunto is tops when scuba diving. A basic analog is best in health care were my hands are full, but I need the seconds hand to time things like a pulse. But nothing has ever felt as natural as a pocket watch.

Upon its recent discovery I wondered if it would even still work. After all, the last time I knew it was running was when I was still in school. It's been packed away ever since. The logical thing to do was to take it into a shop. In record time, the gentleman pulled it apart, cleaned it, replaced the battery (I may have the insides changed one day) and then put it all back together. It works! He even commented that he was impressed with it, and recognized that it was a limited run device for it's time. It's been back in my pocket everyday since then, and I don't miss my wristwatch a bit. It didn't cost much when I bought it. But for me at least, it's priceless now.

Front of my 1993 Looney Tunes Pocket Watch
Back side


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