Saturday, June 29, 2013

Superhero Equals Super Dilemma

You have to love a good super hero. They can do the things that nobody else can, but wishes they could. They stand up for all that's right. They take the best shot adversity has to offer, smile, and say, "Is that all you got?" While this may be a bit late for some, others are probably waiting like me.

Over the years I have become a Batman fan like so many others. Sure there have been some other good heroes. The Phantom, Flash, the Punisher, Darkman, the Rocketeer, the Shadow, Hulk, Ironman, Spiderman, Xmen, I'll even let you have Hancock. However, I'd be lying if I said that the Bat was always my favorite. Sure, I watched old 1968 cartoons that Casey Kasem voiced. Enjoyed the Adam West shows. And loved when Michael Keaton donned the cowl. But my original favorite is and always will be Superman. While we all know how much I love TMNT, Superman has always been in a special place. When I was little I had Superman Pajamas. We're talking the blue, with red ankles, the red and yellow "S" across the chest, and a red cape that attached to the shoulders with velcro. Christopher Reeves would have covered the floor in puke by how much of a mark I was. I'd put on my pajama's, climb on the top of the couch, bed, counters, or whatever else was around and jump off doing my best Superman impression. Sometimes even mimicking the music from the movies to the best of my ability. To this day I still have a red cape that my grandma made me with a "B" on it. (For Burtman of course. Start my entrance music.) My youngest gets a kick out of it.

Over the years however, I've drifted away from the Man of Steel a bit. I contribute this to the lack of any real movies over the years. Sure, there have been some TV shows, but they've always lacked something. Dean Cain was just too sappy. And Tom Welling's portrayal was just a bit too young. Then after several years, Brandon Routh donned the cape, and other than a few hiccups, there was hope that Superman would fly again. But then hope fell flat on its face.

Now, in an age of reboots, Superman is back. I'm excited but have mixed feelings at the same time. Not because an Englishman is playing him this time. After all, we're not talking about Snake Plissken. Superman is an alien, not an American. That seems to be a fact lost on many these days. No, I have mixed feelings because it is a reboot. A reintroduction that's not really needed. A start that can go in any direction. And new twists that can go either way. In days past, this would have been the one movie I would have geeked out, and camped out at the theater for. But my distaste for Hollywood these days, has me on the back burner, and debating when I'll go. To make things worse I've seen rave reviews, and some that absolutely tear it to shreds. So I don't know if I want to pay the gazillion dollars to see it now, wait for the dollar theater, or wait even longer for DVD. Decisions, decisions. Perhaps I'll ask my 7 year old to make up my mind for me. ;-)


  1. If it's any consolation, I know your pain. Not to make it a contest, but I might have it a bit harder. My favorite superhero has and always shall be Spiderman. I hate going to the theater after each new installment and wondering, "Gee, are we looking at another Spiderman 3 or is this actually going to be good?"

    It's funny you mention superman. I actually wrote a post about ol' Supes on my blog segment for the podcast my friends and I do [link for the curious:].

    I'd say let the seven year old decide. For some reason, kids seem to have a pretty good intuition about whether or not something is going to be terrible.

    1. First, I love that you brought up the fact that Supes does kill. That's an argument I've had with many people. As soon as they say, "It isn't official cannon," I have to laugh. Even the official cannon has him killing, and is one of the most flawed in comic history. Just his earthly parents alone have huge flaws. Their names change, ages change, whether they're alive or dead. Kudos there.

      Second, my #2 hero is the Phantom. The old serials were a bit flawed, but great considering the time they were made. Billy Zane's version was a little off, but not bad. Syfy's train wreck was embarrassing though. As much as I'd love to see something done with the likes of him, or even the Shadow, I'm just as afraid of how badly Hollywood would handle them.

      Third is an update. We went to see it at the theater. Not bad. He loved it. For all of what the battle was, I wasn't upset with Zod dying, but felt it was just too easy after everything. But this is actually an incarnation of Supes I could live with.