Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Man's Bike

So, when you take a look at motorcycle's, for the most part it's a man's hobby. Yes, there are some women in it, but for the most part it's just men. Most of the women that are around, are just a long for the ride. The old saying is, "A man's home is his castle." If that's true then his thrown is either the recliner in the living room, or the toilet in the main bathroom. Then again, I've been in some people's homes where they have a TV mounted in the bathroom too. But that's a different story.

No, for some people, home is truly where you leave it all behind. For me there are two simple pleasures in life that I just can't get enough of. The ocean, and riding. So when I say home is where you leave it all behind, it's because it's something you are able to enjoy and leave all the stress and garbage life tosses at you behind. That's why when it comes to riding my bike, it truly is a therapeutic event. It can be a ride to the store, around town, or just home from work. This is also why you'll often see a lone rider riding down the road in the rain. It's an escape that no beer or drug can replace. 

You see a man's physical bike can vary. Some like sport bikes, others cruisers, yet others move their ape hangers as high as possible, and many get their pipes as loud as they can. Everything from a rice burner to a barcalounger say something unique about the rider. But for those that move beyond the occasional weekend trip, and just love the ride, they've found the Man's Bike.

A man's bike is that two wheeled monster that you get on all by yourself, rev up, and cruise down the road with. You don't even have to have a destination. You clear you mind of all your troubles, and enjoy feeling the air move around you. You lean into turns, giving a little more gas, and feel like Superman weaving in and out of the clouds. A man's bike reminds you that your mortal, but challenges you to push harder anyway. It also reminds you to slow down enough and pay attention, otherwise you'll lose control and pay a hefty price. This is much like life. 

A man's bike has feelings too. (I'll use it here as not everyone considers their bike a she. For some it really is a he.) It's not some weekend warriors toy, that's bright and shinny. They're worn and dirty from constantly being outside and used. And if you don't pay enough attention, sometimes it'll get moody. You'll go out to start up for a ride, and you'll just get a whine. You add the choke, and still, just a whine. It's as if it's saying, "Who do you think you are, and just where have you been?" You'll actually have to give a bit of a push to get it to kick over, as a way of apologizing. And if it's accepted, you'll be riding down the road. If not. Well, you'll be paying a pretty penny for the shop to pamper it for a bit. 

A man's bike, is really an extension of the man that's rides it. You're key to getting out, being reminded what life is, and what you need to do when you shut down and go back inside the house. Some of us need to ride a little more often, less we forget what we have. Some of us need to ride more often, to be reminded of things we've lost. Some of us need to ride, to celebrate what we have and what we've lost. Some of us just need to ride. A man's bike, just another part of a man that's often over looked.

Just one view of my current ride.

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